E So da Vasco: CRVG Songs

Canto da torcida do Vasco da Gama, cantado geralmente quando o time está vencendo uma partida.


A Ira Jovem Canta, a galera se levanta... e só da Vascoooo!!! Eeeeeee!!! Bota pra f...

Chant from Vasco fans. It can be heard mainly when the team is winning a game. "Bota pra f..." is something brazilians usually say that means something like "let's put pressure on them", but it is rude, as you can see the "f word" at the end.


Ira Jovem sings, and the crowd get's up... and There is only Vascoooooo!!! Eeeeee!!! Let's put pressure on!

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