Represent! Looking For Fans Who Love Their Club

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Our Mission

FanChants is on a mission to record and archive, forever, the world's football songs and chants from every team. We feel it’s important to have a record of all these songs before they disappear into the past, never to be heard again.


Become a Team FanCapo

We’re looking for FanCapo: fanatics who love their team, fans who go to watch the games and have their teams colour blood running through their veins?

Is that you?


What’s Involved

We need to keep your team’s songs looking and sounding great and representing your club as they should.

The first thing we need to do is find a ‘true’ fan of each team, who would go through all the songs for their team, to check that they are correct. Very easy for a true fan of their club.


We need fans who:

- Love their club
- Have good English language skills too (but not essential)
- Knowledge of what your team’s songs are about
- A knowledge of general music would be good
- Access to a computer


What’s In It For You

- Access to new products and features sooner
- Your team’s listing looking sparkly and as it should
- A special login to give you access to unseen parts of the website
- More freebies and such coming

What To Do Next

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