Everywhere We Go..: PAFC Songs

..People wanna know


Leader: Everywhere we go! Everyone: Everywhere we go! Leader: People wanna' know! Everyone: People wanna' know! Leader: Who whe are! Everyone: Who we are! Leader: Where we come from! Everyone: Where we come from! Leader: Shall we tell them? Everyone: Shall we tell them? Leader: Who we are! Everyone: Who we are! Leader: We are the Argyle! Everyone: We are the Argyle! Leader: The mighty, mighty Argyle! Everyone: The mighty, mighty Argyle! Leader: We are the Army! Everyone: We are the Army! Leader: The Green and White Army! Everyone: The Green and White Army! Leader: GREEN AND WHITE! Everyone: BARMY ARMY! (clap, clap, clap) GREEN AND WHITE BARMY ARMY (clap, clap, clap) etc..

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