Horto Magico: NYI Songs

Looks like a classic. . .doesn't anyone have the audio for this??


Hortoooo Magicooooooooo And you know Long Island is so Wonderful, Orange and blue, We know for sure, Our hearts will sing forever more, And when we do, You'll know that noise, Came from the Blue and Orange Army BOA Boyssssss, Our victoryyyyy, Our victoryyyyy, This is a Blue and Orange Army Victory, *** (group1) So who are we? (group2) So who are we? (group1) We're BOA Boys, (group2) We're BOA Boys, (group1) Were from Long island and we're gonna make some noise, (group2) Make some noise, (group1) The BOA Boys, (group2) The BOA Boys, (group1) And you will see, (group2) And You Will See! (together) We're Gonna jump and clap and sing for victory, And when we do, You'll Know That Noise, Came from the Blue And Orange Army BOA Boys, A victory, A victory, This is a Blue and Orange Army Victory... (repeat from " *** " point)

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