An Ode to the Diddy Men: GRFC Songs

A wee song about a wonderful result


An Ode to the diddy men Oh Happiness, happiness, The greatest gift that I posses. I thank the team from Inverness, For bringing me so much happiness. Caley came down that Tuesday night, To play the boys in Green and white Went 2-1 up, I tell no lies, And made it hell in paradise. Oh happiness...... The 1st half ends, but not the fun, A half time pantomime's begun. The home dressing room's no happy place, And Mary's not so full of grace. Oh happiness...... Eric Black says 'Mark, you not up to it? Is it cos you're cold you're playing sh*t? Mark throws his boots across the floor, And says 'Well lets see Ian Wright score' Oh happiness...... Jon Gould shouts 'Oi!' you little prick, Have you seen the teams that you can pick. Viduka aye, and Stubbs alright. But Eyal Berkovic is sh*te! Oh happiness...... Gould shouts Hey Barnes you are the boss, Surely you can see he's dross. Barnes lifts his head, then silence falls, And says 'youcanytalkyoudontcomeforcrossballs' Oh happiness...... In the 2nd half I'm filled with glee, When Caley knock home number 3. This feeling now, it sure beats sex, And I'm just watching Teletex. Oh happiness...... 3-1 it ends, and the Celts are beat, And I thought that was my night complete. But no there's more, coz I never knew, That Caley wore Red white and blue. Oh happiness.....

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