Cheer Up Alex Smith: DFC Songs

Cheer up Alex Smith


Oh If I had big strong wings, Like the bluebird as she sings, If I had the a*se of a crow, I would fly high in the sky, I would fly over Tannadice, And sh*te on the b*stards below... Chere up Alex Smith oh' what can it mean To a Sad arab Bast*rd With a s*ite football team x2 Now I am a true Dee, And I think its plain to see I am as happy as can be But I know that I"m right, When I say United's s*ite And there is only one team in Dundee... Chorus X2 Now through the good times, And the bad, Through the happy and the sad I will follow Dee through thick and thin, I will walk that Million miles, To see that class Latino style, And I will always be a Dee. ChorusX2

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