25th May: GCFC Songs

Tribute to the greats


Zurich fell in Switzerland, They fell in Glasgow too, Then the French went down three one each time, And bid the Cup adieu. The 'slavs won at home but went down two one, And the Czech’s were sent their way, And the Celts were bound for Lisbon town, On the 25th of May. Twelve Thousand loyal Celtic fans, In bus and train and car, Traveled Eighteen Hundred miles to see, The greatest team by far. They came to cheer on the boys in green, And help them win the day, And beat Inter Milan in Lisbon Town, On the 25th of May. The game was only eight minutes gone, When Inter Milan they scored, If they tried from then to hard my bhoys, They couldn’t have scored one more. And when half time came with the score the same, The Celts did not dismay, They would win the top in Lisbon Town, On the 25th of May. A goal must come and come it did, And Gemmell was our man, Then Chalmers scored and the Celtic roar, Was heard by gay Milan. There’s been battles won by our Celtic Son’s, But they showed the world the way, When they beat Milan in Lisbon Town, On the 25th of May. So here’s to Simpson, Clark and Craig, To Johnstone and McNeill, To Chalmers, Wallace and Lennox, Auld, For they refused to yield. And here’s to Murdoch and Gemmell too, To Stein who showed the way, To the greatest team who showed the world, On the 25th of May.

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