What Do We Do?

We collect chants. From pubs (you know the ones), outside grounds, on buses and trains, anywhere the fans are singing. We professionally edit, master them and convert the chants to the appropriate formats, ready to play on your computers, mobile phones and stereos.

But it’s not just us. You send us chants that you’ve recorded too – sometimes live audio sometimes just the lyrics. Thousands of chants have been sent in and our database is growing every day.

And we’re not just taking, we’re also giving - many chants have started out on FanChants. The supporter uploads a chant they've made up and if fellow supporters like the chants they are taken up and we hear them on the terraces. We truly are one of the crowd.

You, us, the fans. That is the key to FanChants. By fans for fans.

Last updated Thu 24 March