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Reviews of our Free FanChants iPhone app


'This is truly awesome, get idea for an app.. Do I recommend it? Yesssss'
'Love it - For a mega local football fan I love this app! The passion from your fans is felt just from streaming these songs!'

'The best - Best fan app out there. If youve ever been to a footy match and felt the buzz then you need this in your pocket. And if you haven't, well this is the best place to start. Come on!'

'Superb - This is a fantastic app. Now I know what they are chanting in the telly :)'


Reviews of our Free FanChants Android app:

'Nice one, got all my favs on there and can't believe there's so many.'

'Really good app, perfect before a match.

'Really great to have so many chants from around the world.'


Reviews of FanChants.com

'Your web site is one of a kind, very well laid out and easy to access. You have a lot of old school Manchester United chants, which I've not heard for a while, (fantastic) as you can probably tell I am a passionate Reds fan since 1979, and am glad that I came across your web site...' – Man U fan 'I'm a Yank, so I am always left on the outside, wondering just what fans are singing and chanting in the UK and Europe. Fanchants is an excellent, professional website that has enlightened my knowledge of what fans sing in the Premier League and other top-flight European leagues... I am enamored with the website, and have already spent hours listening to and researching multiple chants...' - Amir 'You know when you're at a ground and a few thousand bare-chested, fat blokes pipe up with a tune that everyone then joins in with but you're left sitting there miming like John Redwood at a Welsh karaoke because you can't understand a word they're saying? Let that never happen again, for http://www.fanchants.com/ has brought the best ditties to audio life, including Manchester City's emotive Your Suit's from Matalan and Yeovil's inviting Drink up thy cider. You'll never be lost for words again.' - The Times Online 'I think that your web site has some excellent and very funny chants.' - Gurmiti, Valencia and West Ham fan 'The website is awesome, not disappointed at all. The idea of it is amazing. I did not find any difficulties.' - Nitin, Arsenal Fan 'Great site mate. Nice to have a trip down memory lane especially as I don't get to the bridge as much since my son came along...Great touch having them on mp3, gonna be playing em in the car! Cheers anyway fella, certainly brought a smile to my face. Keep up the good work.' - Marc, Chelsea Fan 'Pretty simple. That's really how websites should be ...' Ryan, Fanchants fan 'I loved your website! I've been trying, almost desperately, to get the DOOP! chant for the Philadelphia Union as my ringtone. I was thrilled when I found it on your site. I had no problems, the site worked nicely ... Thank you so much for everything, you have a great site!' - Jessie, Philadelphia Union fan 'Just wanted to say - BRILLIANT!!!!!! Love the site, just taken my 3 year old grandson to his first match last week to see the mighty Cobblers beat Morecambe. He loved the whole thing - and we sat down earlier today after finding your site and we've not stopped singing yet. Put a few of the chants onto my phone as well................Once again BRILLIANT!' - Vic, Northampton fan


  'What a brilliant find for me your Website has been. I am a mobile DJ in Swansea and we are all in Playoff Manic Mood so your Free Down loads will be all around the city whipping everybody up for Wembley on May30th. Everything has been slick, well explained and easy to follow. Hopefully i will be able to contribute to yourselves in the future'John, Swansea fan

'I think it's brilliant, I've downloaded a few already. I have been trying to find something like it for years - i have downloaded videos off youtube, but your site has all the chants in one place. Loving some of the funnier chants as well, keep it up, great site!' Harry, Everton fan 'This site is f**king T*TS! cheers from Tucson Arizona'

Pela sua compreensão e paciência pois conseguir baixar os canticos agora estou adcionando no meu fifa 12. Te agradeço muito. Um abraço de um brazileiro que te admira muito. Pretto, Brazil

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