Wanna Watch Footy This Valentines? Send Your Other Half One Of These

Streaking guy with red roses at the footy!


In case you didn't know, It's Valentines day today. Lunch break in Clintons it is then! AND, obviously, there's a full day of footy to be had.. Aaaaargh! Never fear, mix em up and get some brownie points in the process.

Here's a run down of the best Love-ly chants on FanChants:


Take my hand, take my whole life too.... Play it to your beloved from the site or free iPhone app and 'show the world you care' and post it on their Facebook wall. Aaaaaah.

Can't take my eyes off you  might also be worth a shout.


Would you let Christian Dailly s*ag yer wife?! Classic chant adapted for heroes here


This Brazilian chant is a funny sounding little diddy and translates to 'Again be two of us, like rain drops of love....'


'I love Martin Jole, Martin Jole loves me'


Crystal Palace chant - Glad all over


Can't beat this for a ringtone, especially in a restaurant full of dopey eyeds!

And don't do everything the internet tells you, it will end you up in a whole lot of bad!

valentines day joke - give her herpes, it will last forever

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