Top 10 World Cup FanChants

Who knows what chants are going to be sung at this year's World Cup.

We thought we'd get together all the International chants in the archive, of which there are over 400!

We've selected our favourites:

Top 10 FanChants for The World Cup

1. Brazil  - Eu Sou Brasileiro Com Muito Orgulho (Brazilian With Lots Of Pride)

2. Russia - Катюша Katyusha

3. Portugal  - Rui Balla La Portugesa

4. Belgium  - Dale Cavese

5. Germany -  Oh Wie Ist Das Schön Such Beautiful Things

6. Argentina - El Que No Salta Es De Uruguay (Not Jumping - From Uruguay)

7. Croatia  - Bježite ljudi People Flee

8. Switzerland -  Steht Auf Wenn Ihr Schweizer Seid Stand Up If You're Swiss

9. Chile - Vamos Vamos Chile Let's Go Chile

10. Spain  - Que Viva España Long Live Spain

National anthems 

Love or hate 'em there's some excellent recordings in the archive of fans bellowing out their support, FC Towers favourites are Russia, Italy and - quite obviously - England's.

Top 10 National Anthems

1.  Russia

2.  Italy

3.  Germany

4.  France

5.  USA

6.  England

7.  Portugal

8.  Greece

9.  Chile



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