Team GB - Chants to be singin'

Just 4 days to go until the opening ceremony for Olympics 2012. Not the World Cup by any stretch but still, sport is on the telly.

We've had a look through the archive for chants about the lads in Team GB. Good material for showing your support by using em as ringtones and pre-match-pub-sing-alongs

Lisa and Homer Simpson doing rude things in Olimpics logo

(What were they thinking...jeezus)


Ryan Giggs Running Down The Wing 

Giggs Will Tear You Apart Again 


Posh Spice Is A Slapper

Yes, yes we know - he didn't make the team. But he should have so we're including him and this quality chant.

Spice Girls

Danny Rose

Danny Rose is a W*nker 

Maybe not. Sung by Leeds fan after he left for spurs.


Scotty Sinclair

'Scotty Sinclair, Scotty Sinclair, He s*ags Rosie Webster and Sally don't care!'

Scott is with Helen Flanagan who plays Rosie Webster (Sally Websters Daughter) in Corrie! No audio for this one, please send it in if you have it.

Craig Bellamy

We've Got Craig Bellamy



england flags

We don't have any GB chants yet, but these are worthy of ringtone status.

We're On The Piss And We're 'Aving A Laugh - Golden

Come On England 

Rule Britannia - Almost our anthem.

England (Clap) - Simples ringtone.


Going to the Olympics? Contribute to the archive - record chants and send them in.

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