Super Bowl Sunday! Free NFL Chants, Cheese 'n' Onion Stadiums and The Best Commercials Of The Year

This weekend fans all over the USA will be getting together for the biggest event in their football calendar - Super Bowl Sunday! It’s the most watched American television broadcast - last year a whopping 111 million people tuned in.

Super Bowl fans can show their support by downloading Free New York Giants or Pats songs and using them as ringtones. Why not eh?

Chants are also playable from our new Free FanChants iPhone app and we’ll send you updates for when new songs for your team are in. Hopefully fans might submit new chants over the weekend frenzy.

We’ve got other NFC and AFC chants too, for teams not lucky enough to be in the big game. There’s some crackers for The Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers. All chants are totally free to listen to and download. Fans use chants for FIFA and PES games, as ringtones and getting pumped for the game.

Stadium made from snacks

Snack Stadium from - 110,428 Calories. Darn.

A little bit about Super Bowl Sunday

- If you think we’re talking about the Bison hunter when we say Buffalo Bills you might wanna check this out from the BBC - a quick low down of American Football for all us amatuers!

- Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day for US food consumption (behind Thanksgiving). There’s been viral photos a plenty of stadiums built of all sorts snack orientated - you’ve got to love the commitment! Some of that ham looks a bit dodgy mind.

This video shows how they made the stadium pictured above. ‘With a big, bad FU to all the vegans out there, courtesy of the cold cuts and cheese stadium trim!’ You’ve gotta laugh.

- Half time break on Super Bowl Sunday is a BIG deal. This year it’ll be Madonna entertaining the masses, certainly beats insurance and room odouriser ads, that's for sure.

- Commercials on Super Bowl Sunday are always impressive. Big audience - big dollar. Check out the video below for ‘2012 Commercials expected to wow viewers’. There’s some pretty special ads lined up

Have fun on Sunday and please do rate the New Free iPhone App if you download it! You should - it's awesome and has 10,000 chants from all over the world for you to listen to.

You can watch The Super Ball online here

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