NEW FanChants Android App Out Now

Here's 4 new things we've added to our latest Android app. It's still free and flippin' crazy with over 20,000 chants from 700+ teams all around the world.

New Stuff

1. Recording function

Record and send in your team's chants, all within the app and far easier than before. We've also got some good tips on how to make the most of you and your mates' lyrical genius.

Tapes - record football chants for

2. Alerts: Your team's new chants and Staff Picks

Get notified when your team's fans have come up with a new song and stay in touch with whats going on elsewhere in the footy-mad world with Staff Picks - a daily pick of the best chants in the archive.

3. Chant Ringtones

Use any chant as a ringtone on your Android device for just 99p. Everyone loves a 99er...

99p - the price of a ringtone on Android app

4. New Chant section

Lists all new chants, updated in real time so as soon as a new chant is out on the site it's available for you to listen to.

The app can be downloaded free, from the Android store





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