Mascot Shocker - Kop Cat (Ed: nearly...) Attacks Fan

This was sent in from a member of WACCOE, Leeds most popular forum. Made us chuckle;


"Lucas the Kop cat, got restrained yesterday from hitting me.true story witnessed by many

 Prior to kick off...

Well f*ck me sideways, talk about fickle....

All I did was square up to the poxy f*cker and tell him how useless he was at his job, I mean a mascots supposed to be lucky... huh?

Told him he should be replaced by a fkkin pit bull terrior, but a fkkin cat, we are dirty leeds, we showed a bit of bite when Colin (Ed: new manager Neil Warnock) did his stuff, lets be hated, lets bring back the bile, while we are doing some spring cleaning lets bin that heap of sh*te......

And he f*cking went for me, fluffy f*cker, his carer held him back, and shut a door right in my face!!

Pair of w*nkers

Kop cat out!"

Here's a pic of the offending 'animal':

Anyone else had any tussles with those jobs worths?

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