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We've recieved loads of chants and songs recently - from China, Hungary and Brazil. Awesome. Cheers very much for your contributions, you make the archive what it is and we're really gratefull. 

Here's an FC pick of the primo submissions from the last week:

AIK Solna - #15 Lady Gaga & #22 Britney Spears

Swedish fans taking the p*ss out of the opposition players' likeness to female shelebreties. 

Britney spearsRobin Cederberg

Shanghai Shenhua F.C. - Block Song

We think it's really cool that we're getting submissions from Asia. This chant is really Italian - we've noticed this in Indonesian chants too.

San Lorenzo - Y Dale Alegria Alegria

Absolute corker, unfortunately the submitter didn't include the lyrics in submission. If you know them please let us know by commenting on this blog post or on the actual chant itself.

Padova - Ale Ale Ale Padova Ale

Last Italian chant, promise. But seriously, how good?!


No - that isn't an England flag.

Hungary - Hungarian Team, Hungarian Heart!

Just damn good.

Corinthians - Black And White Are Corinthians' Colours

This chant came about when the team's kit was changed to purple. The fans weren't impressed. 

Croatia - How Beautiful You Are

This is originally by a rock band in Croatia called Thompson and is actually played at half and full time at every International game at home. Fans consider it to be a modern version of their National Anthem.

Don't forget:

When you submit chants you improve your team's position in the chantion's league and we add points to your Golden Voice score. As well as sharing your lyrical genius with the world, of course :)





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