A Day Out At A Thai Football Match: Phuket v Krabi

Local derby similar to Brighton v Bournemouth (Wikipedia about both teams)

2nd division tie 

Research some positions in league etc)



What was the crowd like?

V enthusiastic crowd mainly of Muslim decent. Family day out. 

Band was really loud considering only 70-80 Krabi fans there they made enough racket  that my ears were ringing for an hour after the game. 

Can move freely around the stadium. 


What do they sing:

Mainly versions of English football songs


What was the football like?

As you would expect from 2nd division football the quality was lacking a bit but it still made for a decent tight game with chances at both ends


What was the score

1-1 tense affair Phuket went in a goal up at half time but Kra bi grabbed one back layeish in he second half. 


What was the atmosphere like between fans?


Very friendly pics being taken together def family day out style. 


Falang support for Phuket. 


Look up Wikipedia on both teams. 




Ticket 100 baht


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