T-Shirt Competition - Cardiff Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition to win one of our new scarf T-shirts

The winner is Rhydian, a Cardiff fan

Winner of the FanChants T shirt competition - Rhydian, a Cardiff fan

Rhydian Says:

"Really pleased to get my hands on one of these cool T-shirts. As a Cardiff City supporter I find the recent red rebrand ridiculous so this blue scarf T shirt is brilliant to remember over a 100 years of playing in blue!

Keep Cardiff BLUE & please follow @KCBcampaign on Twitter! BLUEbirds! Thanks!"

                                                            KGB message

There's 10 colours combinations available on Amazon if you fancy one yerself.

Needless to say Rhydian won't be wearing a red jacket with his Tee (tut tut).                        

Scarf T shirt - one of 10 colour combinations to support your team


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