Colombia - Buzzing Match Day and Great Sounding Chants

Medellin Derby - Independiente v Nacional

Gotta love a good Derby. Guaranteed attendance from both sides, pride, passion and rivalry at it's strongest - all ingredients for damn good sounding chants and an awesome match day experience. 

Thousands of Nacional fans filled the streets around the stadium hours before the match with family sized bottles of the local fire water; Aguardiente. These guys weren't shy in posing for us, or sharing their fire water either. Head hurting material that is. Ugh.

Nacionale fans at Medellin Derby 2012

Aguardiente Amigos!

Outside the stadium, medellin

Independiente fans and policemen on horses - no messin.

The singing didn't stop - from start to finish, relentless. No tannoys, no leader, just everyone getting stuck in. The chants are similar to songs by fans in Argentina, the same chant is sung and words like the name of the team, enemy or colour are changed to fit the team. What they lack in creativity they definately make up in volume and energy.

During the game the terraces got hairy. A few fans were taken out on stretchers due to the inevitable stampeed forward when a goal goes in. Groups of lads also love hurling themselves at each-other, mosh-pit style. Nutters.

Atlético Nacional Chants

Favourite for sound: Where Are The Beggars?

Indigente are fans of Independiente: Poropo - The Ones Not Jumping Are Indigente 

Fans of Nacionale since forever: I'm From The Green

Explicit: The Linesman


Millonarios - Bogota

Food at Bogota stadium

No thin, thin burgers here - just your standard half a cow before you go into the stadium!

Fans are committed and LOUD in Bogota. Drums, jumping, drums and more jumping - not quite as fervent as the experience at the Medellin derby. However they still showed support that would put many other teams to shame - even when there were NO away supporters to bellow at. Bravo.


Millionarios Chants

Everybody's Filling The Cheap Seats - One of the BEST things about watching footy in South America - the cheapest seats are in the best area, 'Popular'. This is where all the singing happens and where the most committed fans stand.

Blues, We Are The Tough Ones Song - talking about fans in prison, being champions more than their rivals and mocking fans of other teams who watch the match on the TV instead of being true supporters and going to the stadium.

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