Mir si d Fans vom BSC: Cantos do BSC YB

Hopp YB! Hopp YB!

Letra da música

Mir si d Fans vom BSC, Berner Young Boys eh Allez! We mir aui zämmä singe, wärde mir hüt sicher gwinne! YB isch was jede weiss, in Europa d Nummer 1! YB Fans si geili Sieche, Wos mit jedere Schnegge mieche! Dr BSC steit ufem Bitz, aui Froue wärde Spitz! Vom töife Oschte bis i Weschte, YB Fans si gäng di beschte! Wär macht üs nid bsungers ah? D Gigi Oeri isch ä Maa! Dr FCB är chunnt vom Rhi, dert schiffe aui Bärner dri! Was weiss jede thuner depp? Mir si im UEFA Cup! Hopp YB! Hopp YB! Hopp YB! Hopp YB!

'Every girl is getting horny!'

Letra da música

We are the fans of the BSC, Come on Berns Young Boys! If we all sing together, we will win for sure! Everybody knows that YB, is the number 1 in Europe! YB fans are cool lads, who would bang every bird! The BSC plays on the pitch, every girl is getting horny! From the far east to the west, YB fans are always the best! Who doesn't turn us on? Gigi Oeri, she's a man! The FCB (Basel), he comes from the river Rhine, where every lad from Bern pisses in! What knows every idiot from Thun? We are in the UEFA Cup! Come on YB! Come on YB! Come on YB! Come on YB!

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