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Soccer’s Sound of Team Spirit - The New York Times 

'Chants, a part of the game for fans of teams worldwide, are cataloged online by the thousands.'


For Soccer Fans, Showing Support in Song - The New York Times

'If you watch the Champions League quarterfinals Tuesday and Wednesday, you will hear soccer fans in their full-throated glory. Here is a look at popular chants among supporters of Tuesday’s home teams.'


4* iPhone app review - 442 Magazine

'A handheld extension of the website, this app crams in thousands of wierd, wonderfull and X rated chants from here and abroad...'


Interview with FanChants' Founder Michael Dennis - Der Spiegel (German magazine)

Michael's experience of great German supporters such as Dortmund and St Pauli fans.


An Archive Of Soccer Chants - On The Media 

The impulse to archive isn't restricted to dying languages or ancient relics. Sometimes you archive something simply because you love it. is a repository of more than 20,000 soccer fan chants from all over the world. It started as a business and remains one - but it's become a labor of love. Bob speaks with Michael Dennis, a co-founder of Fan Chants. 


The 12th Man - The Ardent Audience

'It's a pretty extraordinary fieldwork and archival project; if Alan Lomax had turned to sports rather than music, this might have been the result. In fact, Fan Chants might turn out to be a parallel Global Jukebox for future students of sports, audiences, and fandom.'


Interview with FanChants' Founder Michael Dennis - 11Freunde - German website

An interview about Romanian bank robbers, Mario Balotelli and a day at Hansa Rostock.


Singapore Chants Go Global -

Article on on Singapore Supporters club's submissions to the site.


Christmas Presents - Urban Life magazine, Manchester

FanChants scarf T-shirts available on Amazon - 12 colour combinations available to suit different team colours.


Football fans chanting 'yid': Aaronovitch and Schneider - BBC News

FanChants supplied the BBC with Spurs chants for this programme


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