If You Ever Come to Prenton Park: Cantos do TRFC

Sung to the tune of The Halls of Montezuma" - The march of the US Marine Corps

Letra da música

If you ever come to Prenton Park, You will surely hear our cry, For the team that we call TRAN-MERE, And for them we'll live or die, We're a great team you'll agree, We'll go down in history, We're the team you all know, To the Premier we will go, We're the great TRFC, To hell with Liverpool, To hell with Everton, We will fight, fight, fight for Tranmere, Till we're the pride of division, One, Two, Three, Four, Listen to the Tranmere roar, R O V E R S... Tranmere Rovers, Tranmere Rovers, Tranmere Rovers, Tranmere Rovers.......

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