Vienes y Te Vas: UANL Songs

Creado en 2012


Vamos auriazul te vengo alentar, Tu hinchada otra vuelta quiere dar, Hoy tienes que poner garra y corazón, Tendrás que dejar todo por ser campeón, Vamos vamos Tigres, Vamos vamos Tigres, Vamos vamos Tigres...

Great tune when it gets going. Tigers ground holds 42,000 and is almost always full with an average attendance of 41,000 and something. Great fans.


Let auriazul encourage you to come, Your fans want to give another turn, You have to put grit and heart, You'll have to leave everything to be champion, Let's go Tigres, Let's go Tigres, Let's go Tigres...

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