Alla Vet Att Djurgårdens: Cantos do DIF


Letra da música

Ge oss lite k?rlek k?mpa p?, Vi sjunger f?r v?ra f?rger gul r?d bl?, ?nda fram till guldet ska vi n?, Och sedan ska vi pissa p? AIK. Och alla vet att Djurg?rden ?r inte ? leka med.

ED: As far as the translation goes, seems a damn fine song. Djurgårdens's nickname Stockholms stolthet ("The pride of Stockholm"). They have 11 National titles at time of submission

Letra da música

Give us some joy fight on, We sing for our colours yellow, red, blue, All way to the goal we will go, And then we will pee on AIK, And everybody knows that Djurgarden is not to mess with.

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