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  • Oh Man City Chant

    The only football team in all of Manchester

    17 décembre 2007

  • City, Clap Chant

    Classic and great ringtone.

    30 juillet 2007

  • We Love You City Chant

    We do…

    30 juillet 2007

  • Oh Balotelli Chant

    Song for Mario Balotelli. (Note: People who don't know about Mario Balotelli. During a match against Dynamo Kiev, Mario had an allergic reaction to grass, had to go off at half time. At training one day he got bored, decided to throw darts outside the first floor, aiming at the youth team players, fined £100,000. He won £25,000 at a casino and gave £1000 to a homeless person.)

    28 avril 2011

  • We'll Buy Your Club Chant

    We're so rich

    5 janvier 2009

  • Blue Moon (With Claps) Chant

    Why not have two versions of the best chant ever.

    25 septembre 2012

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