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Is Manchester City your team?

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Manchester City

Raising the rafters at the City of Manchester stadium!

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  • Chorál Oh Man City

    The only football team in all of Manchester

    17. prosince 2007

  • Chorál City, City..

    Classic and great ringtone.

    30. července 2007

  • Chorál We Love You City

    We do…

    30. července 2007

  • Chorál We Are City

    We are City

    30. července 2007

  • Chorál Manchester La La La

    This dirty old town.

    30. července 2007

  • Chorál We're Not Really Here

    Just like the fans of the Invisible Man. There are conflicting accounts as to when this song was first sung; now a popular favourite at the Etihad, the most probable is an away game at Luton in the '80's that City fans were banned from going to. A large number travelled down and when City scored celebrations broke out around the ground, with the claim that, “We are not, we’re not really here. Just like the fans of the Invisible man, we’re not really here”.

    17. prosince 2007

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