Tartan Rover: SFA Songs

Who needs The Pogues

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We've travelled with Scotland for many a year, And the memories and journeys we'll always hold dear. And now we are ready to travel once more, And we'll all have a party whatever the score Chorus And by plane, train or taxi, (Come on you Scots!) We'll be there on the day To watch Bonnie Scotland, Wherever they play. You'll see us arriving in twos, threes or fours, At the airports, train stations, hotels and harbours. hen it's off to the main square, the fountains, the bars, We don't even check in 'til we've had twenty jars. Chorus We take over the town, but the locals don't care, 'Cos they're all asking questions about underwear! Is it true what they say? Gie's a flash o' yer bum! Then they're wantin' to tak ye awa hame tae meet mum... Chorus Now the English don't like it, they don't understand. They think our good humour's a bit underhand. But the truth is we just like a beer and a song - With a smile and a handshake you'll no' go far wrong. Chorus Oh yes it's the life o' a traveller for me, I'll follow Bonnie Scotland 'til I'm eighty-three. We may seldom win, here's one to confuse - No matter the score, we know we'll never lose! Chorus

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