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  • Super Tomiyasu Chant

    For our Japanese international defender Takehiro Tomiyasu signed from Bologna. During Covid 19 he donated 1,000 masks to the club academy of his former club, Avispa Fukuoka.

    28 مايو، 2023

  • Come To See the Arsenal Chant

    Come to see some decent football for a change!

    20 مايو، 2023

  • Vieira Woah (Fábio Version) Chant

    Signed from Porto where he won 2 Primeira Liga titles and also the Taça de Portugal. Represented Portugal under-21s at European Championship with the under-21 team, being voted the tournament's best player.

    14 مايو، 2023

  • Rob Holding's Better Than Cannavaro Chant

    Arsenal's centre-back signed from Bolton, Rob Holding is like an English Cannavaro only better and a good bit taller too.

    8 مايو، 2023

  • Where Were You? Chant

    Chant for glory hunting fans like Man City and Chelsea who only started following them when they became good. Didn't bother supporting them before that!

    29 إبريل، 2023

  • You Bought It All Chant

    Chant aimed at no-mark teams like Manchester City and Chelsea that bought all their success.

    29 إبريل، 2023

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