Giallo Blu: Ducali Songs

Noi Siamo I Crusaders

كلمات الأغاني

Tifiamo per il Parma, Che meglio non ce nè, Non posso stare un giorno, Lontano senza te, Noi siamo Crusaders, Leoni gialloblu, Il simbolo del gruppo, Della nostra gioventù, Gialloblu, Lalalalalala, Gialloblu, Lalalalalala... (Ripeti...)

We Are The Crusaders

كلمات الأغاني

We support Parma, Because there is no Anything better, I can't stay one day, Away from you, We are the Crusaders, Blue and Yellow lions, The symbol of the group, Is our youth, Blue/yellow, Lalalalalala, Blue/Yellow, Lalalalalala... (Repeated...)

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