The King Denis Law: MUFC Songs

Better than anyone i've ever seen... Denis Law

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As I was walking down Manchester Way, A thousand supporters were coming my way, I stood near the stadium and heard the crowd roar, United had scored, It's the great Denis Law, It was such an occasion watching him play, He put four goals past Aston Villa that day, He could tackle and dribble, Like an eagle he'd soar, That wonderful, magical Scot, Denis Law, You'd hear of his exploits both near and afar, At Old Trafford he's King, at Maine Road just a star, He'd pounce like a panther, In a second he's score, His name in the headlines, That man Denis Law, We took on the blue of Everton one night, 60,000 supporters were sent home in delight, Of any goal that's been scored they say this was the best, The header he planted past poor Gordon West, So we'd stand on the Stretford and hear the crowd sing, About Paddy and Nobby and George on the wing, But if you asked me the greatest I ever saw, I'd say that fireball of lightning, The King Denis Law.

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