We're Going to Europe: HMFC Songs

Ol' blue eyes would be proud of this (Ed: Crackin song, the recording misses the start and the last two verses though)


And now, the end is near, We've followed Hearts, from Perth to Paisley, We've traveled far by bus and car, And other times, we went by railway We've been, to Aberdeen, We hate the Hibs, they make us spew up, So make a noise you Gorgie Boys, We're going to Europe To see, HMFC, We'll even dig, the Channel Tunnel, When we're afloat, on some big boat, We'll tie our scarves, around the funnel, We have no cares, for other players, Like Rossi, Boniek or Tardelli, When we're overseas, the Hibs will be in Portobelly We all can laugh, at Hibs When we play Chelsea, Metz or Inter, They'll be up at Dundee, And relegated by mid winter, While we go, marching on, And show the Huns, the way to do it, They lost again, while we had slain, The might of Europe The day's, not far away, When we will reach, the heights of glory, We'll follow Hearts, through foreign parts, And Gorgie Boys, will tell the story, How we scored three, at Napoli, Hibs lost away, again, at Greenock, When Hibs went down, we took the crown, As Kings of Europe

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