Everywhere We Go (Corner Shop Song): WWFC Songs

All the way back from the 80's. Not a very good recording, sorry


Everywhere we go, People want to know where the hell are you from Were from Wolverhampton Lovely Wolverhampton Colourful Wolverhampton Buy a corner shop now Sell a cheaper lager Tennants Extra 52p a can Banks's mild 44p a can Tennants supra 68p a can vimpto for the right side Buy a taxi firm now Run a cheap cortina With a nodding doggy 26p a mile With a furry dashboard 38p a mile Cortina supra 94p a mile A Datsun for the right side Buy a market stall now Sell a cheaper wrist watch Rolex International 34p a tick Roles supra 46p a tock Times delux £30,50 Times from Bombay £4 only Big Ben for the right side Buy a take away shop Sell a cheaper poppadom Chicken Rangoon £1,40 Chicken Madrass £1,20 Curry Sauce 32p a tub Beansprouts for the right side Buy a cheaper boat now Sail to sunny England, Smuggle in Ranjit - on a forged passport With loads and loads of cocaine - hidden in a suitcase Ranjits got aids now Transfusion for the right side Buy a terraced house now Send for all your relatives 20 in the bathroom - 40 in the bedroom Buy som cheaper paint now Paint the outside orange - paint the inside purple A Palace for the right side Signing on the dole now Claim for 30 children - 6£ a stinky Claim for many wives now And all the ones in Bombay Get a massive dole cheque - buy a lot of cheap gold Diamonds for the right side Buy a football club now Call it Wolverhampton Get promotion - in the first season Get relegated - sack the BHATTIS SACK THE BHATTIS Find some new directors Wolves are back in business Reply With Quote

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