Kada Zvezdo Igraš Ti/Red Star I Love You: Песни CZV


Текст песни

Ed: The recording for this would be awesome if anyone has it! SERBIAN: Када Звездо играш ти, (Север) (Када Звездо играш ти) (Исток и Запад) Увек ћу те бодрити! (Север) (Увек ћу те бодрити!) (Исток и Запад) Само тебе волим, знај! (Север) (Само тебе волим, знај!) (Исток и Запад) Победу нам данас дај! (Север) (Победу нам данас дај!) (Исток и Запад) Напред, Звездо! (Север) (Напред, Звездо!) (Исток и Запад) Само напред! (Север) (Само напред!) (Исток и Запад) СВИ: Оле оле, оле оле, напред Звездо, ле оле, Оле оле, оле оле, О ЗВЕЗДО ВОЛИМ ТЕ! PRONUNCIATION: Kada Zvezdo igrash ti, REPEAT Oovek chu te bodreeti, REPEAT Samo tebe voleem, znay! REPEAT Pobedoo nam danas day! (In word "day", A is read like in U in "under") REPEAT Napred, Zvezdo! REPEAT Samo napred! REPEAT Ole ole, ole ole, napred Zvezdo, le ole, Ole ole, ole ole, OH ZVEZDO VOLEEM TE!

This song is chanting with two groups, that on Sever(North), where the most extreme fans are, and that on Istok(East) and Zapad(West), where the people who came to the match to watch it, not to give support.

Текст песни

NORTH: When you play, Red Star, EAST AND WEST: When you play, Red Star, NORTH: Everytime I will support you! EAST AND WEST: Everytime I will support you! NORTH: I love only you! EAST AND WEST: I love only you! NORTH: And give me victory today! EAST AND WEST: And give me victory today! NORTH: Go for it Red Star! EAST AND WEST: Go for it Red Star! NORTH: Just go for it! EAST AND WEST: Just go for it! EVERYBODY: Ole ole, ole ole, go for it, ole ole Ole, ole, ole ole, OH RED STAR I LOVE YOU!

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