The Wonder of You: Песни PVFC

The anthem of Vale. (ed: ringtone is shorter version for download, MP3 is full version)

Текст песни

When no-one else can understand me, (Whhooooaaaahhh), When everything I do is wrong, (Whhooooaaaahhh), You give me hope and consolation, (Whhooooaaaahhh), You give me strength to carry on... And you're always there to lend a hand, In everything I do, That's the wonder, The wonder of you... When you smile the world is brighter, (Whhooooaaaahhh), You touch my hand and I'm a king, (Whhhhooooaaaahhh), Your kiss to me is worth a fortune, (Whhhhhooooaaaahhh), Your love for me is everything, And you'll never know the reason why, I love you like I do, That's the wonder, The wonder of you…

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