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A Liverpool great I'd say

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Every other Saturday's me half day off, And it's off to the match I go, I like to take a stroll along the Anfield Road, Me and me old pal Joe. I like to see the lasses with their red scarves on, I like to hear the Kopites roar, But I don't have to tell you that best of all, Is when we see Liverpool sco-o-o-ore! sco-o-o-ore! We've won the English League about a thousand times, And UEFA was a simple do, We've played some exhibitions in the FA Cup, We are the Wembley Wizards too, But when we won the European Cup in Rome, Like we should have done years before, We gathered down at Anfield, Boys a hundred thousand strong, To give the boys a welcome ho-o-o-me, ho-o-o-ome. Kenny! Ohhh Kenny! I'd walk a million miles for one of your goals oh Kenny, Ohhh Kenny...

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