The Scarf: Canzoni SCFC

Stockport county Anthem about the scarves our fathers wore!


We are everything in football, That people say's sad and wrong, But when we go to Edgeley Park, We will sing our County songs, We'll raise our voice in chorus, As we did in times before, And at Edgeley Park our greatest pride, Is the scarf my father wore. It's forever being beautiful, And the colour's white and blue, I wore it proudly 'round my neck, At Chesterfield & Crewe, My father was a County fan, Like me grandfather before, And at Edgeley Park I love to wear, The scarf me father wore. We will always follow County, To all games far and near, And at Edgeley Park we'll sing those songs, That me father loved to hear, We will raise our pints in memory, Of the games he loved to see, And at Edgeley Park, I'll wear the scarf, That me father left to me. It's passed down the generations, of my family, Oh my grandad gave it to my dad, And me dad gave it to me. And when my time is over, And life's long race is run, I'll take the scarf from 'round my neck, And I'll pass it to my son!!!

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