Dark Blue of Dundee: Canzoni DFC

Great Dundee Football song


You can sing of the glories of teams you have seen, Of the Saints or the Dons up in old Aberdeen, But in all this fine world there's but one team for me, Its the bold boys who wear the dark blue of Dundee, (Chorus) Let the proud Rangers sing of the records they hold, Let Celtic proclaim all their heros of old, We will follow and follow o'er land and o'er sea, For the brave boys who wear the dark blue of Dundee, For theres many a battle been fought on this field, And theres many team learnt that Dundee never yield, For although on occasion defeat we must know, We will rise up again and we'll beat every foe. Chorus Oh theres Robertson, Penman and Alan Gilzean, With Cousins and Smith they're the finest you've seen, A defence that is steady, heroic and sure, Liney, Hamilton, Cox, Seith and Wishart and Ure. Chorus

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