Copa Mundial Cantos - Chile: Canzoni FFCh

2 minutos recopilación de los mejores cantos en el archivo de Chile


Vamos, vamos, vamos, Chile vamos a ganar, Que la hinchada no te deja de alentar, Yo te sigo a todas partes a donde vas, Cada vez te quiero más, (C-H-I) Chi, (L-E) Le, Chi, chi, chi, le, le, le, Viva Chile… - Puro, Chile, es tu cielo azulado, Puras brisas te cruzan también, Y tu campo de flores bordado, Es la copia feliz del Edén, Majestuosa es la blanca montaña, Que te dio por baluarte el Señor, Que te dio por baluarte el Señor, Y ese mar que tranquilo te baña, Te promete futuro esplendor, (Repeated…) Dulce Patria, recibe los votos, Con que Chile en tus aras juró, Que o la tumba serás de los libres, O el asilo contra la opresión… (Repeated…)

A 2 minute compilation of the best chants in the archive for Chile


Come on, come on, come on, Chile, lets gonna win, ‘Cause the fans don’t stop encouraging you, Yo follow you everywhere you go, Everyday I love you more, (C-H-I) Chi, (L-E) Le, Chi, chi, chi, le, le, le, Long live Chile… - How pure, Chile, is your blue sky, And how pure the breezes that blow across you, And your countryside embroidered with flowers, Is a wonderful copy of Eden, How majestic are the snow-covered mountains, That were given to you by God as protection, That were given to you by God as protection, And the sea that tranquilly bathes your shores, Promises future splendor for you, (Repeated…) Beloved Homeland, receive the vows, That Chile gave you on your altars, That you be either the tomb of the free Or a refuge from oppression... (Repeated…)

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