Sunderland Aces Full Version: SAFC Songs

From Our Semi Final Win Against The Scum In The Playoffs along with an old time classic


We went to Wembley Stadium On The 28th May, Heading For The Play Offs Swindon Town To Play, We Didn't Win A Trophy, We Didn't Win A Cup, What Really Riles The Geordies Is, We Lost And Still Went Up. It Started 12 Days Previously At St James Park, We Were Soaking, We Were Freezing, But Wasn’t It A Lark, They Came On From The Gallowgate, The Millburn Stand The Same, Dancing Round Like Nutters As They Tried To Stop The Game, But They Got Stopped At The Half Way Line By All The Boys In Blue, We Just Had One Complaint That Night, They Should Have Let Them Through, "The Mackems Finished Under Us The Play Offs Are All Wrong, We Were 12 Points Ahead Of Them" The Geordies Moaned Along, The Tears Flowed Into There Broon Oh How The B**tards Cried, Well Never Forget The Magic Night Newcastle United Died, Oh Me Lads You Should Have Seen Us Ganning, Ganning Along The Roker Road Just To See Them Standing, All The Lads And Lasses There All With Smiling Faces, Ganning Along The Roker Road, To See The Sunderland Aces…

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