Bradford Ranger: BCFC Songs

One person sings the first line, everyone else repeats. In the tune of an american army marching song.


I wanna be a Bradford Ranger (I wanna be a Bradford Ranger) I wanna live a life of danger (I wanna live a life of danger) I wanna be a scuba diver (I wanna be a scuba diver) I would like a 69er (I would like a 69er) With the girl that I love best (With the girl that I love best) Many of times sucked her breast (Many of times sucked her breast) F**ked her standing (F**ked her standing) F**ked her lying (F**ked her lying) If she had wings If she had wings I'd f**k her flying (I'd f**k her flying) Now she's dead (Now she's dead) Not forgotten (Not forgotten) Dig her up (Dig her up) F**k her rotten (F**k her rotten) BC, BCF, BCFC

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