Littlejohn: SUFC Songs

Tribute to former blade Adrian Littlejohn


Robin Hood left Sherwood, to come to Bramall Lane, Pleaded with Dave Basset, please give my boy a game, Dave Bassett said to the man in green, To be a Blade, you've got to play like Brian Deane. Robin Hood was no good, it was such a shame, Friar Tuck got kicked to f***, he couldn't play the game, All was not lost, Bassett got his man (WHO?), Littlejohn, Littlejohn, Littlejohn. Littlejohn, Littlejohn running down the wing, Littlejohn, Littlejohn, fastest thing we've seen, He's black as coal, he'll score a goal, Littlejohn, Littlejohn, Littlejohn...

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