How Can You Buy Willie Waddell : GRFC Songs

A Legend


An Englishman Landed In Edmiston Drive And Watched Willie Waddell With Critical Eye "How Can I Buy Him?" He Asked Mr Struth And Bill He Replied, "I'll Tell You The Truth." How Can You Buy All The Cups That We've Won And How Can You Buy Mrs Thorton's Son How Can You Buy Our Big Geordie Young? And How Can You Buy Willie Waddell? Nature Bestowed All Her Gifts With A Smile The Right Foot, The Left Foot, The 'Noddle' When You Can Buy All These Wonderful Things Then You Can Buy Willie Waddell "I'll Give Thirty Thousand," The Englishman Said "And Also A Star," Mr Struth Shook His Head "You Can Give Thirty Thousand, Stars, Moon And Sun But You Still Can't Have Waddell, There's Only One."

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