Tribute to Reece Jones: EFC Songs

Tribute to Reece Jones


The trial is over, and justice is done, It’s jail for the animals for killing your son, May they rot in jail for a long, long time, May it teach them a lesson for their heinous crime, God. Look after Rhys, and keep him close by, I hope he’s still plays football up in the sky, If heaven has a first team Rhys will be there, Running and dribbling and scoring, with care, While playing his heart out, he’s not on his own, He’s just recieved a pass from Brian Labone, With just one lookup, he answers the call, And plays a one two with the great Allen Ball, He’ll have plenty of trainer’s, they wont let him rest With the great Bobby Moore and also George Best, When you hear a loud thunder, it’ll be a safe bet, It’s the roar of the angels when Rhys hits the net, You will always be a winner, rest in peace…

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