Esta Es la Banda del Gallinero: CARP Songs

Tema donde insulta a los de Boca (Bosteros).El gallinero es el estadio de River


Esta es la banda del Gallinero, La que se c*ge a los Bosteros, Se mueve para acá, Se mueve para allá, Esta es la banda mas loca que hay... (Se Repite...)

River fans having a go at Boca JuniorsThe henhouse (Gallinero) is the stadium of River'Gallinero' means chicken coop, and is being used to describe the stadium Monumental because the nickname of River Plate fans is "gallinas" (in English "chickens") and chickens live in a chicken coop. 'Poner huevo' means 'hustle


This is the Gallinero gang, The ones that always beats up the Bosteros, We move to the left, We move to the right, This is the craziest gang around... (Repeated...)

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