No Son Amargos Como Independiente: CAL Songs

Tema donde insultan a los hinchas de Quilmes e Independiente, rivales de la Zona Sur del Gran Buenos Aires.


Vamos Granate ponga mas huevo, No somos amargos como el Cervecero, Vamos Granate, vayan al frente, No somos amargos como Independiente, Hoy te vinimos a ver, de la cabeza tomando vino, Hoy no podemos perder,de corazon Granate te lo pido Una pasion venir a verte, te aliento hasta la muerte, Yo voy con vos adonde vas y cada dia yo te quiero mas.

Lanus fans insulting their southern rivals Qoilmes and Independiente


Come on the Ruboes, put some balls into it, We are not s*it like Cervecero, Come On Granate, Go onwards, We are not rubbish like independiente, Today we come to see you off our heads on wine, today we just can't lose, From the heart I ask you Ruby, It is my passion to see you, I will cheer you on until I die, I go with you wherever you go, And everyday I love you more...

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