Yo Te Sigo Alentando: CASM Songs

Tema de aliento con letra elaborada.


Vamos los Verdinegro, Ponga huevo para ser primero, Yo te sigo alentando, no me importa en que cancha juguemos, Pasaran muchos años, Jugadores tambien dirigentes, Pero lo que no pasa es la banda que te alienta siempre, La banda del Pueblo Viejo tiene aguante, uohh, La que copa en Pusucha en todas partes, Verdinegro no me importa lo que digan, el periodismo, la policia, Vos sos lo mas grande de la Argentina.

A support song with original lyrics


Come on the Green and Blacks, Put some balls into it so we win, I keep on supporting, I don't care in which stadium we play, Many years will go by, Players and club managers, But what doesn't go by is the band that supports you, The band from the old town stands its ground uohh, The one that fills up Pusucha and everywhere, Green and Blacks I don't care, What journalist and the police say, You are the greatest one from Argentina...

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