El Amor (Auriazules): Chorály UANL

Creado en 2010


Y vamos vamos Auriazules, Tienes que salir primero, Ese es mi unico anhelo, Te quiero ver salir campeon de salir campeon(8) Vengo a verte si ganas, Mucho mas cuando pierdes, Porque a Tigres lo quiero, Porque lo llevo adentro, Esta hinchada te alienta, Y por siempre te va a alentar, Lo unico que te pide, Es ganar, Ganaaaar!

Class song once again. Shame about the quality of recording but have more on the way.


And let's go Auriazules, You have to go first, That's my only desire, I want to see a champion go out, a champion (8) I watch if you win, Much more when you lose, Because Tigres I love you, Because I've been here with you, The fans are excited, And you'll always encourage, The only thing I ask you, It's a win, Wiiiin!

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