We've Travelled from Scotland for Many a Year: Chorály SFA

And many more to come


We've travelled with Scotland for many a year And the memories and journeys we will ever hold dear And now we are ready to travel once more To the stadiums of France to see the Scots score Chorus And by plane, train or taxi (Come on ye Scots) We'll be there on the day To see bonnie Scotland where ever they play We started in Germany in 74 78 was Argentina we supported once more 82 saw us suntanned and drinking in Spain 86 on to Mexico, tequila again Chorus To Italy in 90 where the weather was fine 92 was in Sweden where the Scots fans did shine We out sand, we out danced, we out shone the rest And that's why our supporters were voted the best Chorus We missed America in 94 96 against England we'll say no more Now here is a message to the good folks of France Come join the Tartan army for a song and a dance Chorus

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