Cuervo Mi Buen Amigo: Chorály C.A.S.L.A.

Cuervo Mi Buen Amigo


Cuevo, mi buen amigo esta campaña volveremos a estar contigo, Te alentaremos de corazon, esta es tu hinchada que te quiere ver campeon, No me importa lo que digan, los de Boca y Huracan, Yo te sigo a todas partes, cada vez te quiero mas.

Crow My Good Friend


Crow, My good friend, We'll be back with you in this campaign, We'll support you, From our hearts, This are your fans that want to see you be the champion, I don't care about what they say, The guys from Boca and Huracán, I follow you everywhere, Each day I love you more...

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