Oeste No Mates Esta Ilusión: Chorály Oé

Ferro va a volver a la A y va a quemar todo Liniers


Dale Oe, Vamos a ganar, Porque la vuelta vamos a dar, Ya van a ver, Vamos a volver, Vamos a quemar todo Liniers, Oeste no mates esta ilusión, La banda a vos te quiere ver campeón, Por eso te venimos a alentar, Hasta Primera no vamos a parar...

Ferro will be back in the mayor league and will burn Liniers down


Come on Oe, Let's win, Because we'll be the champions, You'll see, We'll be back, We'll burn all Liniers, Oeste don't kill this ilusion, The band wants to see you be the champion, That's why we came to support you, We won't stop until you're back in the "A" league...

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